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I first trained on the summer course in 1982 when when l was 18 and 2nd Kyu, 27 years down the road i have missed 1 year 1983 when my daughter was born. Unfortunately now due to work commitments (and not being as fit as l used to be) over the last few years l have only been able to attend the first two or three days, but l am still in the line up on the same piece of grass!! I could write a book about the Summer course over those years, but to keep it short, those early years were crazy, three times a day of punishment (or was it training!!!!) each of the class instructors wanting to do better and push us harder than the instructor from the previous class. Then to lossen up the obligatory evening disco and light refreshments being aware that if you missed the morning session you had the wake up call or knock from hell and if you were lucky a bucket of cold water or worse a gentle run to the beach for an early morning swim to sooth the hangover.

But that was then and times change (thankfully) over the years l have had some of the best karate training l have ever had on the course. I have met some great instructors that have even taught for me on the Isle of Wight, John Richards and Tyrone White to name a couple. I have lined up with  people of all abilities and over the years that have become good friends, even though we only meet at the summer course. Karate is founded on tradition developed over many years and this course is the same, course instructors have come and gone for many reasons but the training remains the same year on year good quality no matter what style of karate you are from.

If the weathers good you go home with a tan, if not we're inside working, thankfully those of us with aches and pains etc can work at their pace. If you have been on the course you will know what l am saying, if you have not give it a go at least once in your training career, you dont know what your missing until you have tried it. l feel I have contributed a little over the years to the course, including when Ticky asked my instructor Dave Hazard to teach on the course Dave rang me!!!! to ask about it and what did l think of him being there, well whatever l said must have been a contributory factor because he is still there now and that must have been about 12 years ago.

For us older generation that have been around a little the course anthem in the disco was always McFadden and Whitehead's - "Aint no stopping us now" how true that has been.

I feel honoured and privilaged to have had the oportunity to train with, had support and friendship from Ticky over the years. Ticky all the best for this years and many other years of summer courses. Oss

Mark Elliott 5th Dan Shotokan Karate
1996 Summer Course student of the year and runner up to Eddie Gilespie in the mens kumite!!!!

As a long standing course student l would also like to hear other seniors experiences, and l am sure the current generation of students and those thinking of comming along would also like to know what it was like way back then, so come on colleagues, friends training partners send Ticky a report its all part of our history lets record the fact and acknowledge what Ticky has done for us!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great website. I been on the summer course from a 10 year old right through to a 21 year old and after a 12 year break from karate returned to summer course and had the best year of them all. Fantastic atmosphere and fantastic instruction roll on 2010. i'd reconmend it to everyone from beginner to advanced.

Michael Day, Ishin Ryu





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